Riccione 2011

Francesco Mendolia has always had music on his mind, although never making a career of it.
Born in Milan and of Sicilian origins, Mendolia graduates in Bologna in Industrial Chemistry.
After working for multinationals, Mendolia turns entrepreneur.
Music returns however, it accompanies him; the piano, studied initially alone, becomes Mendolia’s intimate companion with whom he establishes a private dialogue, rarely opened to others.
Mendolia loves various composers, from Bach to Rachmaninoff, Chopin and Debussy to writers and performers such as Jarret, Harburg, Gershwin Peterson.
Then, a year ago, Mendolia’s first CD is born, entitled “Me”.
2012 is welcoming with his second album “Petali”.
On April 2016, comes to life his third album: “Quiero perderme contigo”.

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