RELEASED: 10 January 2014
Oggi si vince oggi si perde


Charles Bukowski, in his “dirty realism”, said that “writing poems is not difficult”. Living them is difficult.” Well, once I lived that poetry, it is the disappointment for an abandonment. If you have felt a disappointment for an abandonment, well I am sure that you know how people die inside. It is an impossible pain, that catches your heart and squeezes it, while you twist yourself in a growing gap. It is like bleeding to death. And you don’t believe that it could happen to you, because it is agonizing, painful, anguished. Often terrible and piercing. Suddenly you are nothing and you become convinced that this suffering torments you so much that you consider it a win over existence. And in this thought you slowly abandon yourself. Suddenly you become convinced that it is preferable not to love. It is better to die.

Oggi si vince oggi si perde.

Oggi si vince, oggi si perde
quando mi guardi lo so che m’ami

oggi ho vinto.

Anche se non ci sei piĆ¹
anche se non sei mai stata

rivoglio indietro i miei giorni felici.

Oggi si vince,oggi si perde,

non mi interessa che hai da dire

oggi ho perso.

Pensavo a te alle occasioni mancate

le illusioni bruciate

come il vento sono stato muto

t’ho perduto.

Track by Francesco Mendolia
Words by Alberto Mendolia
Arrangement by Maestro Massimo Colombo


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