RELEASED: 12 January 2011


December 2010 marks the release of “Me”, the CD by the Milanese composer and pianist, Francesco Mendolia.
”Me” embraces Mendolia’s musical ideas in twelve pieces: Me, Passion embriagadora, My Cocktail Gin, Dors mon amour, La tempête est terminée, Filastrocca, Fruscio, Melanconia, Rebecca, Without You, Occhi Chiusi, Why Not Me, Fiori di carta.
Each brand represents a chapter in a story and the chance of a glimpse at the composer’s most intimate experiences. 
”Me” presents new music with roots embedded in classical tradition and a scion of contemporary elements.
“Me” is a collection of original sonorities achieved by an inspired union between pianoforte and orchestra.

“Me” scores

Click here do download free the “Me” music scores.

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